Any meaningful expedition should add to the knowledge of people, place or process. Education and learning are considered critical to the success of the Crossing the Empty Quarter project, and despite the remoteness of much of our journey, modern communication technology enables us to engage with young people, teachers and scientists before, throughout and beyond the journey itself.

To engage with as wide an audience as possible, we are working closely with the Centre for British Teachers Education Trust (CfBT), a UK charity that exists to make a difference to the lives of learners throughout the world.

The educational programme involves ….




Lesson Plan 1: Explorers – Introduction

Lesson Plan 2: Famous Explorers

Lesson Plan 3: Expedition Costs

  • Subject: IBL Maths
  • Theme: Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) on the cost of a desert expedition
  • Open lesson plan...

Lesson Plan 4: Desert Survival

Lesson Plan 5: Quadrat Sampling

Lesson Plan 6: Watercolour

Lesson Plan 7: Compass Skills

Lesson Plan 8: Early Settlements

Lesson Plan 9: Water Cycle

Lesson Plan 10: Save Water

  • Subject: Cross-Curricular, Languages, ICT
  • Theme: Save Water/Persuasive Poster Writing
  • Open lesson plan...

Lesson Plan 11: Information Leaflet

Lesson Plan 12: Poetry